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Author Topic: Temperature Senders  (Read 22722 times)
One cylinder
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« Reply #15 on: September 01, 2013, 12:28:00 AM »

I have the original Field Service Bulletin and have this mod on my 86' which solved my hot start problem about 5 years ago :-)
One cylinder
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« Reply #16 on: March 09, 2014, 10:53:53 PM »

Edited 3/22/14
Here are what I believe to be the Correct OEM Numbers for the 5 Temperature Sensors Senders and
Switches on the 22R-TE Manifold.
The numbers in the Schematic are the first half of the OEM number, followed by a dash and the second half of the number.
After using the part diagrams etc to come up with complete OEM Part Numbers, use the website below to confirm, using the vehicles VIN, the parts are correct for your vehicle.

So far... One of the best resources to confirm part numbers seem to be this wesite...

Enter the OEM Part Number then Go    / Enter your vehicles VIN then Search
There is a pull down menu, to re-enter your VIN for subsequent part number searches.

Quite a few of the OEM Numbers on the diagrams don't match our vehicles.

The Tow Package Equipped came with fifth Temp Switch.

                                                                                OEM Number New              OEM Number Old
Temp Sensor Temp Gauge Between Cyl 2&3   83420-20020
Water temp Sensor EFI Green/Front      89422-12010      89422-30020
Start Injector time Switch Brown/Front      89462-30011      89462-30010
Thermoswitch #2 Fuel Pressure Up System  Round Plug T-Housing   89428-28030
Thermoswitch #1 AC / towpackage T-Housing single Prong     83430-96440   88430-96440
switch 1 above, might cross with a electric radiator fan switch from another vehicle.

Other resources
Put in your VIN at http://www.toyomotorparts.com[/url]

Part list
http://www.toyomotorparts.com/Page_Product/PartList.aspx?ModelName=4-RUNNER TRUCK&Year=1986&CatalogCode=671440&Destination=USA&Components=switch-relay&conditions=RN61L-MBZA3 198601 22RTEC SDT T1 MTM 5F RCB R HLF ST TBO IV&FigureNumber=84-01&PageNo=1&Vin=JT4RN63B1G0031082&ProductionDate=198601&PaintCode=202&TrimCode=FZ11&VAID=2252

Hit the “more info” and “view” buttons to view the schematic.
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