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1  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: Site News - the site is back up, plus thoughts about its future on: October 20, 2017, 05:46:44 AM
Hi all,

The site is back up now. Sorry for the unexpected down time. The site host (GoDaddy) discovered an issue with the older version of the forum software we use that caused a log file to balloon to 2.5GB in size and eat up all of our free space, forcing the site offline. Sheesh.  Roll Eyes

I have addressed that as best as I can for now, but the site will need some upgrades to fix this issue long-term. The newer version of the SimpleMachinesForum (SMF) forum software fixes this issue, and has some other nice features as well. I hope to upgrade to the newer version before the end of the year, and sooner if I can. I tried upgrading in July but encountered some errors that kept the upgrade from completing. I will be trying again, as the older software will stop working at some point, and I don't want to wait until the bitter end. I will keep you guys informed.

Thanks for your patience!


2  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: Site News - the site is back up, plus thoughts about its future on: July 30, 2017, 09:27:28 AM
Ever have that feeling of deja vu? Well, here we are again.

I apologize for the abrupt way in which the site went down again. Blame GoDaddy, our host.

The site is mostly back up. The major backend upgrade migration worked, but the attempt to upgrade the forum software from version 1.21 to 2.x failed, and I need to figure out why, etc. In the mean time, the site is back up.

Some known issues:

* The old theme may not survive - I am still working on that.
* Some image links still broken.
* Some fonts and font sizes are wrong.
* Probably other things, too.

I will continue to work on these issues. At some point I will make another attempt to upgrade the forum software, but I'll give some notice.

Thanks for anyone still reading this - thank you for hanging in there.

3  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: Site News - the site is back up, plus thoughts about its future on: July 14, 2017, 04:45:01 PM
As you can probably see, I have begun the process of updating the site's software, the back end and the user facing forum software.

Be patient - it could take a few days to work out the bugs Smiley

4  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Site News - the site is back up, plus thoughts about its future on: July 06, 2017, 11:17:19 PM
Hi all - Welcome back! The site was down due a software configuration issue. It took a while to get things sorted out, but the site is now back up. Huzzah, and thanks for your patience!

Within the month, I will be working with my web host to migrate the site to new backend software (current versions of PHP, MySQL, the SimpleMachines forum software we run our forum on, etc.) The look may change, but I expect the feature set will improve. That should keep the site stable for the foreseeable future.

Sorry to be an absentee landlord of late, but my truck motivation has mellowed a lot in the last few years. I kinda did my dance with this thing and am pretty much done w/modding mine. Too many blown head gaskets, coupled with California's strict emission laws have sucked the joy from this project for me, and my interest had moved on. So it goes...

That's me, though, and not you. Just because my own interest has died down doesn't mean you have to leave.

In late June I renewed the 22rte-trucks.com and 22rtetrucks.com domain names for another 3 years, and will shortly migrate this site to new backend software, as mentioned above. Once the upgrades are complete I'll go back to being a quiet hand in the background again.

Looking to the future, I think it will be up to you, the members, to determine if you want to keep this site functioning. I don't mind being its caretaker, but I will probably want to hand it off to someone in a few years. Something to think about.

Thanks for being members of the forum!


5  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: 22RTE-Trucks.com now supports Tapatalk for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia on: October 15, 2014, 03:59:38 PM
I updated to the forum to the latest version of the Tapatalk plugin today (v3.0.0). Let me know if you experience any issues. The new version should be more robust, with better security, better image support, etc. Enjoy!



If you experience any log in errors, try this first.

6  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - For Sale and Wanted / FA: 1986 22RTE 4x4 Truck, VERY clean, ~74k original miles, 3rd owner (not me!) on: May 31, 2014, 12:27:54 AM
First, I need to be completely clear: THIS IS NOT MY TRUCK!

I am posting this here on behalf of the owner. I rarely post on someone else's behalf, and I prefer to list vehicles that have a fixed price, but I'm making exceptions in this case.

The owner approached me a few weeks ago with questions about some spare parts that came with his truck purchase. He's now decided that he needs to sell it for financial reasons.

I'm posting this here because:

a) This truck is both clean, and very low mileage. That's a pretty rare combination.
b) It's a California truck, it's been garaged almost its whole life, and it appears to be rust free. Again, a very rare combination.
c) It comes with a TEC TB-20 turbo kit and spare OEM turbo exhaust manifold!
d) It comes with a spare/new set of pistons (!), spare/new timing chain cover (!!), spare/new water pump, and a very nice assortment of quality chassis parts and Prothane suspension bushings.
e) The owner appears to be a very nice guy.

Given the rare trifecta of low mileage, cleanliness, and really good spare parts, someone on this board should be interested.

The owner is selling this on ebay in a no reserve auction. Starting bid is $1k:


Many, many pics on the above link.

Now, if you have any questions, ask the seller, NOT ME!!

I want to reiterate: THIS IS NOT MY TRUCK! I am listing this here both to help the seller and maybe/hopefully help someone on this forum. I haven't seen a low mileage truck this clean and unmolested come along in a very long time.
7  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: Throttle Body on: May 06, 2014, 03:56:34 AM
IIRC, the turbo TB has one extra port on top.

Why not just replace the TPS?
8  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: c270 cam shortcut using old valves on: May 03, 2014, 04:30:39 PM
Now that you mention head gasket thicknesses whats stock thickness. And what would be a recommended thickness?

Sorry, I don't know. I just know that of the various methods for lowering compression, increasing head gasket thickness is a mixed bag due the the way it changes valve timing and the fact that a taller HG fire ring increases the exposure of one of this engine's weakest components.

A couple more questions...   Is the C270 an enginebuilder cam profile?  And was it specifically designed with boost in mind?  I'm currently running 15 pounds, and will probably push it to 20 just to see what kind of power I can make.

I was looking at LC's Pro Street Turbo cam, will a change from the stock cam to either LC's or the C270 make a noticeable difference at the same boost?  The higher lift should allow a better VE, right?

I've also spoken with 22rePerformance, they supposedly have a turbo grind also.

The C270 is Tim Jenkin's (D.O.A. Racing Engines) own grind. It was not made as a turbo-specific grind, it was made as a 22RE-specific grind, but it works very well as a turbo cam with the stock EFI. I think it's key feature is that is has minimal overlap, so you aren't blowing a lot of the mix into and immediately back out of the cylinder. I ran one for a while and it was great with the stock EFI and various smaller T3/T4 turbos. I went with a larger custom grind of Tim's when I switched to a much larger T3/T04E turbo.

15 to 20 pounds of boost? I don't want to hijack this thread, but what are you running for fuel and what sort of EFI management are you using? That's a lot of boost for this motor!

With turbo cams on these motors, I think it's less about massive lift and more about things like less overlap, and altering cam timing to put the power band into this engine's sweet spot. Stated differently -- the cam is rarely holding these motors back. You might see more gains from unshrouding the valves and working on the flow through the head than on simply changing to a bigger cam.  I am not an expert on head work, though, those are just things I've gleaned from talking with others over the years that ARE experts with this stuff.

All of the major players -- LC, DOA, 22RE Performance, engnbldr -- have been doing this stuff for decades. They are all good, or they wouldn't be in business.  Personally, I've had Tim do work for me and I have one of his cams in my motor, so he's gotten the nod from me, but they are all good at what they do.
9  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: c270 cam shortcut using old valves on: May 02, 2014, 09:42:28 PM
Good call.  I'm in the same boat.  I want to swap cams to a take advantage of my current setup.  Eventually adding boost.  Is indexing the cam important for building power?  Or does it allow you to make sure the power is in the rev range that it is supposed to be?

Indexing the cam is important because it's a 27 year old SOHC motor, and there are variables in all of the valve train components that can add up to significant differences (the chain can stretch, HG thickness differs, deck height differs, etc.) It's just a good idea, though in my experience you need to move the cam at least +/- 2 to notice a seat-of-the-pants difference. However, you need to have an adjustable cam gear to make any sort of corrective change.
10  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: c270 cam shortcut using old valves on: May 02, 2014, 04:05:29 PM
Well, Tim built my motor and obviously knows what he's doing as a builder. He may have a different perspective than I do, and I'd generally defer to him.

I think the key question is, "how much power are you shooting for with your build?" Stock or modest gains shouldn't require exotic components. But if you are going for more than that -- and only you can know what your real end goal is here -- adjust your parts accordingly. When I built my motor I was swinging for the fences, and tried everything I could to wring more power from the 22RTE. Your goals may be very different, and a lot more practical. Or not. If you secretly want to build a 200 hp motor -- which is actually a lot of power for this power plant -- buy parts to support that effort, But if you are loking for a more modest 140 hp or so, well, you probably don't need the full tuxedo.
11  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: c270 cam shortcut using old valves on: May 02, 2014, 07:39:28 AM
You need good parts, but unless you're really going for it you don't need exotic ones. The C270 is not a huge cam. It's finely tuned, though, and works very well with the stock EFI; that's where its magic is. Similarly, the 22RTE is not typically built to be a high revving motor, so lighter/exotic components are hard to justify for typical builds. OEM or Japanese-made replacement parts are very good.

Other words of caution: avoid getting overly stiff valve springs. You can go a little stiffer if you want to, but you don't need to go crazy. Avoid valves that are significantly oversize. These heads can crack between the valve seats if you run them hard, so you'd like to leave as much material there as possible. You can go 1mm oversize to install a new seat, but more than that invites trouble.

12  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: c270 cam shortcut using old valves on: May 02, 2014, 04:48:16 AM
It's pretty hard to give you a good, one size fits all answer to this.

The SAFE answer is, "through regular use, the pads on the cam followers wear over time and essentially 'mate' to the cam lobes. Putting used cam followers on a new cam may cause accelerated wear on one (or some...or all) of the lobes and/or cam follower pads. This can destroy a new cam pretty quickly in some cases. Consequently, the only safe advice is to replace the cam followers when you change cams." Same is true for the adjusters -- they wear against the valves and should be replaced when you replace the valves. But cam followers and adjusters are costly, and a lot of folks don't like to buy them unless they know they are bad. However, reusing the old ones can void your cam's warranty. But again, replacing those parts is the SAFE thing to do.

The cheap answer is, "reuse what you have, but keep an eye out for trouble." However, by the time you spot trouble it is usually too late.

Your situation is further complicated by also changing head gasket thicknesses, which will also alter the geometry a little bit on the adjusters. Not a lot, but then, cam's have fine tolerances and "not a lot" is often the difference between well adjusted and grinding.

Bottom line: it's safer to change them if you can afford to, but if you can't, you can't. But you are gambling that everything will mate up properly, etc.

13  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: New member questions on: April 30, 2014, 11:34:01 PM
Welcome to the forum.

I don't have a clear answer for you w/r/t your noise issue; what's obvious to you as the grinding noise isn't as obvious to me via the video. The stock manifolds and the stock turbo exhaust/wastegate ARE notorious for cracking, so it is very, very likely you have an issue there, but you'd need to pull the turbo and/or exhaust manifold off to really get a good look at what's going on. But if the turbo and manifold are still stock, I think there's a very strong chance one or both are cracked.

Boost gauge
Conical filter (is there an adapter to fit the AFS?) Is it even worth getting an open filter?
Boost controller - I'm thinking 10 psi, but what's a safe boost with factory fuel system? Where does the ECU hit fuel cut?

If this motor has 160k miles on it and has never been rebuilt, and still has the stock head gasket...well, you are opening a can of worms if you want to go straight to modding it. My suggestion would be to at least do the top end, resurface the deck, rebuild the head, replace the HG with one from Cometic, and install ARP studs. Do those things first, so you can mod it later without having to do those steps in the middle of your mods. And if you are coming from a DSM turbo, significantly lower your expectations w/r/t how much power you can make with this motor. Seriously -- the first 20-40 hp are "easy" if the motor is otherwise strong, but you will pay a lot more for every pony above that.

Fuel cut kicks in at around 10 or 11 psi with the stock AFM and turbo.

The OEM ECU sucks, and there's no path to mod it. You will be better off simply replacing it with something like a MegaSquirt.

Go with a 3" exhaust if you can afford it and squeeze it in. A 2.5" exhaust will be a lot easier to fit, though.

It doesn't look like you have factory AC, but if you do you will not be able to also fit a FMIC behind the stock grill.

Finally, keep in mind that there are very few aftermarket parts for these motors. Modding these trucks requires a lot of fabrication. Your truck is a 27 year old senior citizen, and it will break a hip (or more likely, blow a headgasket or crack an exhaust manifold) if you ask too much of it in its current state. So treat it gingerly until you take steps to beef it up.

My .02 cents,
14  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - General discussion / Re: Valve cover leak, errr on: February 07, 2014, 10:27:43 PM
Can you post a picture of the top of the engine, so we can see the vacuum tube and breather plumbing? I wonder if you are inadvertently pressurizing the top of the motor and/or aren't scavenging that area correctly. It's, ah, easy to do. Don't ask me how I know this...
15  All 22RTE, all the time / 22RTE - EFI and Tuning / Re: 22rte engine build. GURU help please on: February 07, 2014, 10:16:04 PM
The truck is an 87 4x4 manual ex-cab.

The motor is a 22rte block bored .20 over with dished pistons (forged) it has a built bottom end not sure the crank or bearings just know that they are beefier.  I bought it as a short block from a guy who instructed me to install a stock 22re head which would make the compression ratio 8.5:1, he told me to also use stock 22re intake manifold setup with 22re ecu and harness.

I bought a intake manifold, harness and ecu (89-95 still trying to figure the exact year im pretty sure its 90 or 91 though) that came with injectors and a couple sensors that go on the valve cover. This is my first time building a Toyota and fuel injection stuff. I need to know if I can make the motor run well enough with the setup he is recommending.  I have a brand new ct20. Intercooler, 7lb wastgate, turbo timer, apexi afc and a aftermarket exhaust manifold (ebay).... is there anyone that knows what I can do to make this setup work I dont want to buy another ecu or harness if I dont have to.

I was wondering if I can just buy like 420cc injectors so it isnt to lean? I also need to connect the two in cab plugs into the ones on the 90's harness and that is my biggest problem so far since I dont know what wires to connect to what. Is there anyone that makes a harness that plugs 90 stuff into 87 stuff?

I also have a afm from a 22re. Sorry if I didnt give enough detail someone please help!!!

The stock 1987 electronics are not compatible with the post-1988.5 electronics. This is because the pre-88.5 RE/RTE AFM runs on a very unique 2.5V to ~9.0V voltage range, while the post-88.5 22RE uses the more standard  0V-5V range. Additionally, the pre-88.5 injectors are low impedance peak & hold injectors, while the post-88.5 are high impedance saturated injectors.

You easiest route here is to use a standalone ECU, like a MegaSquirt. This may not be smog-legal where you live, but honestly, it's the best way to go. If you MUST use a Toyota ECU with your 1987 vehicle, you should try to find a 22RTE ECU and work from there. Everything is possible given enough time, money, and effort, but making a post-88.5 ECU work in a pre-88.5 truck is a lot of work and not really worth the effort, IMO.

My .02 cents,
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