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Title: About the 22RTE-Trucks.com gallery
Post by: mosk on July 24, 2007, 06:30:34 PM
To add images to your posts, you first need to host the image if it isn't already hosted. To make this easier for our users, 22RTE-Trucks.com has a member's image gallery.

RULES: All images must be on topic. No inappropriate images will be tolerated!! Posting or linking to inappropriate images will be cause for banning.

Click here to view or post to the 22RTE-Trucks.com gallery. (http://www.22rte-trucks.com/coppermine/)

Once you've hosted an image, you can link to it in your posts using the syntax:

[img]full path to your image[/img]

or click on the (http://www.22rte-trucks.com/simplemachinesforum/Themes/classic/images/bbc/img.gif) button and insert the path to your image between the bracketed IMG tags.

Note added 10/27:

I'll be posting some more complete instructions soon. The short version is that you first need to create an album. Once you create an album, you can use the Upload File link at the very top of the Gallery page to upload your photos. Each photo must be smaller than 1 MB.

Sorry this isn't more straightforward, but this was the gallery software (Coppermine) that came with the hosting package. I'll try to post a set of bullet-proof instructions as soon as I can write them up.

Title: Re: About the 22RTE-Trucks.com gallery
Post by: mosk on September 11, 2012, 03:58:36 PM
More info, added 9/11/2012:

How to post images to threads in four easy steps:

1. Host your pictures, either here or via a free photo hosting site. Google "free image hosting" and take your pick.

2. Once your picture is posted, copy the link to it.

3. Make your post. In your post, put the address of your image between a pair if IMG tags, like this:


4. Click Post.

That line of code, above, becomes this:


That's it!